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It is important to be in sync with your customers’ needs and lifestyle to consistently deliver new value & unlock more potential.

Since 2012, our focus, as an organization, has been to develop world-class, impactful solutions that make people’s lives easier. Over the years, we’ve mastered the skills, and delivered bespoke products, services and solutions for our clients. But as the industry trends shift, it only makes sense to evolve our business to stay relevant. 

Salesforce is more than a CRM. It’s a whole package that elevates user experience and improves time-to-market through connectivity, ease, and efficiency. We wanted to tap into this opportunity where we could make lives even better for our customers through beautifully-designed, scalable and innovative cloud-based solutions. 


Projects successfully delivered since 2012


% higher engagement ratios in users of our apps


Million people using our apps on a B2B2C model


Experts skilled in design and engineering


We’ve got deep institutional knowledge about Salesforce products

Our CTO, Shehzaad, was a Software Architect in the Einstein Analytics Cloud in the Salesforce Ohana. He led the development of core Einstein Analytics features which are critical for Salesforce customers to create actionable value from their data.

He has institutional knowledge about Salesforce products across the various clouds that can be leveraged to bring deep insight-driven value to customers globally. He also deeply understands and subscribes to Salesforce’s values and its leadership in creating positive social change.

Combining our knowledge and experience of the MENA region with the value we know Salesforce technology delivers we truly help transform the lives of individuals and businesses.

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